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Yoga, Birth & Beyond

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are some of the most life altering, magical, mind blowing, incredible, crazy and exhausting changes we will go through in our lives.

A time we can so easily neglect ourselves as we are giving away so much to our wonderful babies, but a time when we need grounding and self care more than ever before.

Whether it's hypnobirthing, private pre/postnatal yoga, an online yoga platform or nutritional advice you're looking for during your pregnancy or beyond, YBB is your one stop self care club and I am here to help you through your pregnancy and life after.

About Me

Indi Mountain

Yoga instructor, hypnobirthing teacher, nutritional coach and mum to Lily, my pregnancy, birth and experience of motherhood so far are the inspiration behind Yoga, Birth and Beyond.

I discovered hypnobirthing when I had my daughter Lily. and found it resonated with me the moment I started my course, it calmed my nerves, it guided me through my pregnancy and kept me grounded during my birth. I knew the moment I started learning about hypnobirthing that it was something I wanted to teach and share with all of you other wonderful mums and mums to be.

Teaching and practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy, I found a whole new appreciation and meaning to my practice, finding it the most soothing form of self care and the perfect way to reconnect to my breath. Postnatally yoga has been my go-to for regaining strength, flexibility, finding a moment of calm and a way of bonding with Lily by enjoying my love for yoga with her by my side.


Pre and postnatal yoga have created a whole new meaning of the word yoga for me, and I can't wait to share this with you.


Charlotte, Prenatal Yoga

I met Indi when I was 34 weeks pregnant looking to do breath work, strengthening, stretching and relaxing before my birth and end of pregnancy. Indi had just recently given birth to her baby Lily and she was so kind to agree to do the 1-1 sessions with me. Indi is an incredible yoga teacher and her knowledge and personal experience of pre-natal and post-natal health make her the perfect person to guide you through birthing techniques, breath-work and strengthening at a time when you need extra support. My weekly sessions with Indi helped make the end of my pregnancy a relaxing and calm time and my body really benefited from moving and stretching. I couldn’t recommend Indi more and am so excited to do post natal sessions with her soon.

Georgie, Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga with Indi has helped me so much with niggly aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I find it so relaxing and have enjoyed it so much, I can’t wait for it to start again in the new year!

Nicole, Prenatal Yoga

Indi was my prenatal yoga teacher and was brilliant- can highly recommend her!

Jo, Postnatal Yoga

Having practiced yoga for several years, including during pregnancy, I was keen to continue as soon as possible postnatally, so I was thrilled to find Indi’s mum and baby yoga classes. 
I honestly couldn’t enjoy the classes more! Indi’s approach creates the perfect warm and relaxed baby-friendly environment to practice, whilst also engaging us mums in a thorough and informative yoga session, focusing on just the right poses and flows for new mothers. 
I always come away feeling refreshed and my body reinvigorated, and content that my little boy has also been suitably entertained by all the movement and interaction going on around him. I wish we could go every day!
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