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Hi, I'm Indi

A Pre & Postnatal Yoga Specialist, Hypnobirthing Teacher and mum to Lily, my pregnancy, birth and experience of motherhood so far are the inspiration behind Yoga, Birth and Beyond.

From Self Care ideas at the YBB Blog, an Online Library of Pre & Postnatal Yoga Videos, Online Hypnobirthing Courses, Mini Retreats to Private Yoga & Hypnobirthing in South London. 

Yoga, Birth and Beyond is here to support and empower you through a positive pregnancy filled with love and gratitude for yourselves and your incredible bodies, as well as being here for you in the postnatal period, making sure you still create time for yourself, and reminding you of just how incredible you are.

Nurfarah, Group Hypnobirthing

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My husband and I attended Indi's hypnobirthing sessions having had zero knowledge about what it was, but we came out feeling so assured and prepared. Indi's curated materials for the sessions are succinct, focussed and practical, and the scripts have given me much comfort on nights where I've suffered from insomnia or general baby panic! They always put me right back to sleep, and I know they'll be valuable when we're at (and enroute!) to the hospital.


What we've learnt in hypnobirthing also complements content in our NCT - so all in all we love that we've gotten an all rounded view on birth preparation and labour, which puts my mind at ease. I have also been a bit under the weather recently and have relied on Indi's prenatal yoga library (which you get access to as part of attending the course) - I've felt so much better doing the seated breathwork exercises on days I can't bring myself to be more active. Thanks Indi for all your guidance and support!

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