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5 Short Bursts of Self Care for Busy Mums

Making time for yourself once you have a baby, can sometimes feel near impossible (particularly in the newborn days), but I am here to hopefully give you a few ideas of quick ways to create some self care fo you busy mums.

A HOT Tea or Coffee 

Yeh, you heard me, not lukewarm, not tepid, HOT! 

Even if that means you don’t have your coffee until halfway through the day, once your little one is down for a nap, take that moment and enjoy it.

Your Breath. 

It’s pure magic. 

Even just three mindful and deep inhales and exhales can have the most incredible and soothing effect on your mind and body.

This might mean hiding in the loo or on the stairs, and just closing your eyes for a few moments, connecting to your breath, lowering your heart rate and tapping into your rest and digest response.

A Walk

This doesn’t have to be long, or maybe it’s 2 hours whilst your baby has their lunchtime nap. You could walk around the block, go to your local park, you might grab a coffee, listen to a podcast or just focus on the sounds around you.

Getting outside and moving your body is such a beautiful way of nurturing yourself, and an activity you will never regret making time for.


Even 5 minutes of moving and stretching can change your day, by releasing built up tension (which there can be plenty of in the postnatal period), and connecting you to your incredible body, showing it some love and finding appreciation for everything it does for you.

The Postnatal Yoga Library has a full collection or short, and longer yoga videos you can practice with your baby by your side, or when you have time to be by yourself.


Has the power to completely uplift your mood.

Put on your favourite song, dance around with your little one, sing, smile, laugh and feel yourself shift into a happier and more positive mindset.

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