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Going on Holiday with a Toddler, What I’ve Learnt So Far…

A mother on holiday with a toddler.

As I sit here on our balcony whilst my daughter naps, I know I am so incredibly lucky to be away on holiday, but I have to admit my husband and I were not mentally prepared for just how exhausting it would be going on holiday with a toddler.

Speaking to a friend at the start of the holiday who very wisely said “it will take a few days to find your feet”, I couldn’t agree more, and I wanted to share a few tips and some non-negotiate forms of daily self care I have created throughout my week, with the hope this speaks to some of you amazing mums and helps you create that much needed “me time”, and sense of calm, whilst holidaying with your little ones.

Admittedly most of the self care happens whilst Lily’s asleep, so let’s start there.

Nap Time…. CRUCIAL!

Take this time for yourself, or if you’re away with your partner, as my husband and I have done, split the nap time in two.

One hour by the pool, then swapping to an hour on the balcony or in the room.

Maybe you nap, maybe you go for a walk, or just stare into space - whatever helps you relax. 

I’ve spent this time alternating between meditation, writing up my gratitude lists, reading or getting some work done.

Morning Workout

I'm not sure if it’s the time difference or the epic black out blinds our room has, but I have been taking full advantage of Lily sleeping in, for the first time ever, by getting up earlier than her and my husband and exercising, which has set me up so well for the day ahead.

I know that isn’t for everyone, so if that sounds awful, follow in my husbands footsteps and use that time to sleep!

Find a New Routine

It took a couple days to find our groove and work out the best ways to keep Lily entertained, and this will differ from child to child but we’ve found a routine, and we’ve stuck with it, every day, which we have definitely found so useful when going on holiday with a toddler. 

That sense of predictability around how the day is going to unfold has been so reassuring, the routine may mainly consist of walking Lily up and down the promenade at the beach for the first few hours of the day, but being a stickler for routine (and using this a chance to get a 360 tan) it’s not quite as tedious as it sounds.

Accept Meal Times May be Tricky

Again, totally up to the child and your little one may be an amazing eater, but something about holidaying makes Lily turn into such a fussy eater, refusing to eat anything apart from plain carbs and beige food. 

Initially very frustrating - we’ve now just accepted that’s what happens at meal times and (hopefully) it won’t last forever.

The Take Away

So... I know in no way am I an expert in going on holiday with a toddler, but I hope at the very least this acts a reminder that this is YOUR holiday too,



And find moments throughout the day to look after and nurture yourself as well!

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