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Meditation in Pregnancy and Postnatal Period

Updated: Jan 22

During pregnancy, and in the postnatal period, a calm mind can be so beneficial to both ourselves and our babies.

Meditation and breathwork are fantastic ways of managing our central nervous system, keeping ourselves calm and centred.


With our minds in overdrive about what’s to come, and all the changes taking place in our body, our breath is the most beautiful tool to ease any anxieties, bring us back into the present, help to lower our heart rate and keep us grounded.

When we find ourselves feeling anxious or stressed at all, our bodies produce adrenaline, which is a hormone we want to try and keep at bay as much as we can in pregnancy (particularly towards the end), as when we produce adrenaline we hinder our bodies natural production of Oxytocin, our love hormone and the hormone we produce during childbirth.


A time of huge change, where we find ourselves living for our babies, and often neglecting ourselves, our mental health and our wellbeing, our breath can be the perfect resource, and something we always have available to us.

Even 1 minute of breathwork can help calm a busy or stressed mind, can help release tension, reduce adrenaline and be a great and readily available form of self care at any time of day.

Here is a quick 3 minute meditation, to practice whenever you need that pocket of calm.

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